About CareEpilepsy Ethiopia

CareEpilepsy is a Women-Led Organization, registered as a nonprofit with a primary goal to radically improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy in Ethiopia and change perceptions of epilepsy in the community to create a more informed and inclusive society that supports and empowers those affected by epilepsy. As a small, grassroots initiative, CareEpilepsy stands as a beacon of hope for people affected by epilepsy, offering support, awareness, and advocacy where it is needed the most. We achieve this by providing epilepsy care, medication, counselling, patient support groups, epilepsy training and working together with people with epilepsy, their families, and various local community members at both federal and regional levels. Additionally, we forge partnerships with government ministries and NGOs, aiming to address the medical, social, and environmental factors that contribute to epilepsy and enhance the quality of epilepsy care services.

Despite the relative lack of funding for epilepsy-related causes, we have persevered in our mission to be the voice for those often overlooked and marginalized by running volunteering program and engaging youth volunteers to raise awareness of epilepsy and professionals provide clinical care. Our dedicated efforts have produced tangible results, making a real difference in the lives of countless individuals, even with limited resources at our disposal. Through our compassionate and community-driven approach, we continue to champion the rights and wellbeing of those living with epilepsy, bringing positive change to individuals and society as a whole. CareEpilepsy Ethiopia Cares. This is why we are the only registered nonprofit organization in Ethiopia, not affiliated with any political, ethnic, or religious group, solely focused on serving people with epilepsy.

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