About CareEpilepsy Ethiopia

Established in 2015, CareEpilepsy is a unique Women-Led Nonprofit committed to holistic care for individuals with epilepsy in Ethiopia. Our primary goal is to enhance their quality of life, transform societal perceptions, and foster an inclusive and informed community.

Believing in a stigma-free future, we advocate for equal access to medication and opportunities in education and employment for those with epilepsy. Despite limited funding, our persevering mission includes volunteering programs, engaging youth volunteers, and providing clinical care. With our community-driven approach, we've made a tangible impact on countless lives, championing the rights and wellbeing of those with epilepsy.

CareEpilepsy Ethiopia, the only registered non-profit organization in Ethiopia not affiliated with any political, ethnic, or religious group, is dedicated to serving people with epilepsy comprehensively. As a small grassroots initiative, we stand as a beacon of hope, offering crucial support, awareness, and advocacy where it is needed the most. CareEpilepsy Ethiopia Cares.

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