03 Jun

In the intricate tapestry of Kadina Kofto's life, epilepsy has woven threads of adversity, stigma, and an unwavering pursuit of hope. In this blog, we delve into Kadina's story—a narrative of resilience, self-discovery, and the enduring quest for a life beyond the constraints of epilepsy.

Kadina's Perception of Epilepsy:

At 30, Kadina perceives her epilepsy as a divine punishment, casting shadows on her dreams of friendships, marriage, and family. The weight of this belief fosters self-deprecating thoughts, leading her into the challenging realms of depression and self-hate.

A Fateful Seizure and Its Consequences:

During a seizure, Kadina found herself engulfed in an open fire, resulting in burns on 7.5% of her leg, forearm, and hands. These physical scars, coupled with the emotional aftermath, became poignant symbols of the struggles she faces daily.

The Lingering Impact of Generalized Seizures:

Scar contractures and infections persist as reminders of generalized seizures, leaving Kadina with both visible and invisible scars. The challenges posed by these seizures are a testament to the resilience she must summon each day.

The Transformative Power of Medication:

With the aid of medication, Kadina's seizures have transitioned from twice daily to less frequent occurrences. This transformation, though significant, is a testament to the continuous battle she wages against the unpredictable nature of epilepsy.
A Journey of Hope:Traveling 21 km for medication refills, Kadina's journey reflects not just physical distance but the emotional and societal barriers she faces. Despite these challenges, she clings to hope—hope for a future where she can work, support herself, and connect with others who share similar struggles.

Connecting Through Shared Stories:

Kadina aspires not only to overcome the limitations set by epilepsy but also to connect with others on a similar journey. Her hope extends beyond personal triumph to the collective strength that emerges when shared stories illuminate the path forward.


Kadina's journey is a testament to the resilience that resides within individuals facing the complexities of epilepsy. As we walk alongside her through this narrative, let us reflect on how we, as a community, can contribute to fostering understanding, dismantling stigma, and nurturing a world where individuals like Kadina can flourish, irrespective of their health challenges.

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