Program Activity 1 - Multidisciplinary Clinical Training Program

A comprehensive clinical training program is essential due to the intricate interplay of conditions leading to seizures and epilepsy.

a) HIV, a significant comorbidity, independently heightens epilepsy risk, particularly when untreated. Individuals with HIV are more susceptible to seizures, especially with prevalent CNS infections like malaria, TB, and bacterial meningitis.

b) Epilepsy is closely tied to malaria, posing a risk of triggering seizures, notably in cerebral malaria cases impacting the brain. Understanding mechanisms is crucial for targeted interventions and enhanced patient outcomes.

c) Midwives, through comprehensive training, play a vital role in managing seizures during pregnancy, contributing to optimal maternal and neonatal outcomes.

This program effectively addresses the complexities of interconnected conditions, contributing to improved patient care. Integrating seizure management into the skill set of healthcare professionals enhances the healthcare system's ability to address the multifaceted challenges faced by people with epilepsy.