Volunteering Opportunity to Transform Lives

Our unique programs cater to diverse interests and skills. Clinical volunteers immerse themselves in hands-on clinical care, diagnostics, counseling and contributing to clinical training initiatives. For the dynamic youth volunteers, engaging projects focus on raising awareness about epilepsy, challenging stigma, and making a real impact.

Are you ready to make a profound impact on the lives of those affected by epilepsy? At CareEpilepsy, we offer diverse volunteer opportunities for both youth and professionals, including valuable internship programs. As a clinical volunteer, you can engage in hands-on experiences such as interacting with patients, providing counseling, and contributing to our clinical training initiatives. For our youth volunteers, there are exciting projects focused on raising awareness about epilepsy and combating stigma. Whether you are a healthcare professional eager to contribute your expertise or a dynamic young individual looking to make a difference, our volunteer programs cater to a variety of interests and skills. Join us in empowering lives and reshaping the narrative of epilepsy. Explore the rewarding opportunities that await you, and be a vital part of a community dedicated to transforming lives. Volunteer with CareEpilepsy—where your efforts have the power to save lives and create lasting positive change.