Welcome to CareEpilepsy Ethiopia, where our commitment extends beyond providing medical care to vulnerable individuals living with epilepsy and facing poverty. We believe in fostering an inclusive and informed society, providing sustainable tools for poverty alleviation and achieving seizure control, essential for the thriving of those with epilepsy. Our vision is to ensure individuals affected by epilepsy and associated disabilities receive quality medical care, public respect, and the understanding they deserve, enabling them to lead healthy, productive lives, free from discrimination and stigma, realizing their full potential.

At the heart of our ethos is empowerment, allowing those affected by epilepsy to shape their own journey. Rooted in our experience working with service users, our holistic approach covers medical treatment, epilepsy awareness, emotional well-being, and empowering healthcare providers. Partnering with patients, families, and local communities, we advocate at national and local levels for policies recognizing the unique needs of people with epilepsy, addressing medical, social, and environmental factors contributing to the condition.

CareEpilepsy Ethiopia, a charitable organization founded and registered in 2015 by Enat Yewnetu, a passionate individual living with epilepsy and its challenges for three decades. Our logo, featuring a central cross and individuals in dialogue, symbolizes our belief in improved care and open dialogue as catalysts for breaking stigma and building community cohesion.

የድርጅታችን ታሪካዊ ዳራ


ኬርኤፕለፕሲ ኢትዮጵያ የሚጥል ህመም ያለባቸው ሰዎች ጤናማ፣ አምራች፣ ከመገለልና መድሎ ነፃ ሆነው ማየት የሚል ራዕይ ይዞ ይሰራል፡፡


በህመሙ የሚሰቃዩ ኢትዮጵያውያን የጤና ሁኔታ እንዲሻሻል፤ የህክምና እድሎችን በማመቻቸት፣ የመድሃኒት አቅርቦትን በማስፋፋት ለአደጋ ተጋላጭነትን በመቀነስ፣ ስለህመሙ በህብረተሰቡ ውስጥ ግንዛቤ በመፍጠር፣ ደህንነትን በማረጋገጥ ህይወትን መታደግ እና አመለካከትን መቀየር፡፡


  • ግልፅነት: - በሥራችን በሁሉም ደረጃዎች ግልፅነትን ማረጋገጥ
  • የፈጠራ ችሎታ እና ጠንካራ ቁርጠኝነት ያለው ሙያዊ ድጋፍ መስጠት
  • አሳታፊነት
  • ርህራሄ የተሞላው እንክብካቤ መስጠት
  • የሚጥል ህመም ላለባቸዉ ሰዎች ክብር መስጠት
  • ታማሚውን የለዉጥ አራማጅ ማድረግ
  • ዘላቂ ለዉጥ ለማምጣት ተቀናጅቶ መስራት