24 May

At CareEpilepsy, we are calling on lawmakers to take action and support comprehensive policies that enhance epilepsy care and fund essential research. Strong policies can bridge the gaps in treatment and provide a solid foundation for ongoing advancements in epilepsy management.

Why Policy Change is Essential:

  • Access to Treatment: Comprehensive policies ensure that epilepsy medications and treatments are accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • Research Funding: Increased funding for epilepsy research is crucial for developing new treatments and finding a cure.
  • Support Systems: Policies can establish and fund support systems that provide necessary resources for individuals and families affected by epilepsy.

Our Call to Action:

  • Advocate for Comprehensive Policies: Urge lawmakers to support policies that cover all aspects of epilepsy care, from treatment accessibility to research funding.
  • Raise Your Voice: Your advocacy can make a difference. Speak out and support policy changes that benefit the epilepsy community.
  • Join Our Efforts: Partner with us in our initiatives to push for policy reforms and improve the lives of those living with epilepsy.

Together, we can create a future where effective epilepsy care is a reality for everyone. Your voice and support are vital in driving these changes.

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