In the loop - Quarterly E-Newsletter #1/2022

Reflecting on the first quarter of 2022 we realise how much our commitment to serving anyone affected by epilepsy has been reaffirmed, as has our wish to create a caring environment for the vulnerable.


The first quarter of 2022 has given us plenty of moments to be proud of despite how busy we've been as an organisation. As promised, we continue to offer high-quality assistance to our patients suffering from epilepsy. We have developed new and more efficient ways to deliver our clinical and psychological services and have witnessed, first-hand, the difference it has made or our patients. 

Using the ever-growing social media platforms, our educational team has continued to develop exciting content and campaigns to spread our message. It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that CareEpilepsy Ethiopia continues to be a major source of epilepsy-care information in Ethiopia. This achievement stems from our continued persistence in shedding light on epilepsy.

Unfortunately, I have spent more than a year away from the team due to health-related issues. I made a short visit in February, lasting a month. Although I would have loved to stay longer, seeing the dedication the team works with brought joy to my heart. The CareEpilepsy team has displayed remarkable resilience, adaptation and unity throughout the year. I must commend these qualities that ensure the continued delivery of life-saving services. I have been inspired by the compassion and care that I have witnessed; the genuine interest from the team to help our patients live a more fulfilled life is genuinely heart-warming to see.
The Ethiopian government carried out several different projects this year that required significant contributions from established organisations, meaning we had to carry out this year's National Epilepsy Week despite very few donations; donations which traditionally are our most important portion of income. It would be an understatement to say the effects of this were felt.

I would again like to thank the brilliant CareEpilepsy team for their continued efforts despite the obstacles the last three years have thrown their way. Additionally, I would like to offer a warm welcome to CareEpilepsy's new partners, staff and volunteers. They have been excellent to work alongside and have definitely increased our ability to tend to the needs of our patients.

Reflecting on this quarter, the most important thing for me as a CEO is our ability to work in line with the culture and values of our organisation. These are providing quality compassionate care, working with a quiet determination to consistently deliver at our best and pulling together when the demands placed on us are at their most challenging.

I look forward to updating you next quarter.

Yours sincerely,
Enat Yewnetu

Founder and CEO