Anticipating Transformation: Expected Outcomes of National Epilepsy Week 2024
  • Educated and empowered healthcare professionals for enhanced quality epilepsy care at health centers and hospitals
  • Enhanced quality of epilepsy care for patients with HIV infection and cerebral malaria.
  • Provide midwives with training on epilepsy in pregnancy management which includes during pregnancy and childbirth, and avoidable brain injuries prevention method at birth.
  • Educated public about epilepsy, debunk myths, and foster understanding, aiming to reduce societal stigma associated with the condition.
  • Empowered communities promoting inclusivity and support for individuals with epilepsy
  • Advocacy efforts influencing policies for the rights of individuals with epilepsy

In summary, the National Epilepsy Week 2024 aims to bring about positive changes in epilepsy care, public perception, and advocacy for the rights of individuals with epilepsy in Ethiopia through strategic collaborations and targeted initiatives.